The Trails development plan follows the curved path of a seasonal dry creek that flows most of the year. Beyond the eastern edge of the creek is a bluff and floodplain area that provides a quintessential Central Valley view. Each homesite has a unique proportion and size determined by the geography, and terrain with a focus on nature's division, so each site has it's own personality. You will love the mature trees, natural landscape and the flow of the plan showcases the natural beauty of the terrain.

The Trails are divided into two main regions; the upper trails and the lower trails. The upper Trails is currently in the active phase of development. Lower Trails homes and homesites will become available as the upper Trails are completed to minimize environmental impact.

Currently Available in the Upper Trails

5 gorgeous homesites in the upper trails area  | Click here to view
Casa D'Oro is a beautifully designed Tuscan Style home | Click here to view
Fox Bluff is a contemporary residence  in progress designed by Conrad Asturi Studios. it will be available in November 2015  | Click here to view

We know luxury homes require this kind of elegant setting to be truly luxurious. The Trails feels like a park, it's a perfect piece of country, a place you will love to call Home.  

We would love to give you a personal tour, so you can see for yourself how beautiful the Trails are.

Call our agent, Randy High at 209.491.3413 if you would like to have a personal tour of the development, he would love to show you what the Trails has to offer.

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